Old Swedish Quilts

Old Swedish Quilts

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Old Swedish Quilts  (englanninkielinen)

Written by Åsa Wettre -  Photography by Lena Nessle

Patchwork quilting in Sweden is a folk art and cultural legacy dating beck to 18th century, and with this book American quilt enthusiasts have a chance to revel in it. In this poignant and historically rich volume, more than a hundred old quilts are pictured in full color, along with their stories, techniques, and portraits of the women who made them.

Humble nine-patch and log cabin quilts, elaborately embroidered monogram quilts, crazy quilts, crib and doll quilts, even the favorite childhoodquiltof Crown Prince Carl Gustav XVI are included in this sweeping history. Paralles with American patchwork quilting are apparent, yet a special Scandinavian aesthetic prevails. A must for quilters and collectors.

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